Norbord lay down import roots with Clydeport

The challenge

As one of the UK’s largest wood-based panel manufacturers, Norbord has been supplying their OSB, chipboard and MDF products to European customers for over 40 years.

Norbord look to meet supply with logs from the UK and wood fibre from Ireland and further afield due to the diminishing UK wood basket.

And so Norbord required a port operator with the expertise to handle and the capacity to store quantities of forest bulk products arriving by boat.  In addition, the experience to ensure shipments arrived on time and could be transported to their final destination elsewhere in Scotland whilst cutting down on carbon emissions was also a key requirement.

The solution

Clydeport’s King George V Dock in Glasgow handles and stores huge quantities of forest bulk products intended for a wide range of industries and manufacturers throughout the UK, making it the perfect fit for Norbord’s requirements.

From stevedoring to storage, to dispatch, KGV offers a comprehensive range of services to improve efficiency and add value to any supply chain with our large fleet of forklifts ranging from a lift capacity of 2-16 tonnes and a 372m of quayside with 12.6m of unrestricted draft.

This capacity gives Norbord the flexibility required to look at import opportunities from Europe and further afield.

A key reason Clydeport’s relationship with Norbord has been so successful is down to the strategic location of our sites. As Scotland’s gateway to the world, KGV is only a short hop from Ireland, where a proportion of Norbord’s imports has come from. Using KGV cuts down on Norbord’s shipping time and also helps reduce carbon emissions both in terms of shipping and routing via road.

Indeed, our facilities at KGV are located only 33 miles from Norbord’s manufacturing site at Cowie, Stirling where they manufacture MDF and Chipboard. The proximity of KGV means road haulage miles are kept to a minimum.

Our multi-modal connectivity gives us excellent links to motorway, rail and sea networks, maximising water transport and minimising use of roads. This provides a more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally responsible way to transport products.

Kevin Thomas, Norbord’s UK Wood Supply Manager, said:

“Clydeport has been fantastic to work with. Shipping is not our core business and so we rely on the expertise of the team at KGV who consistently make it easy for us. From their reliability, problem solving skills, and high level of communication, the team deliver an excellent service.

“The team’s experience at KGV is invaluable; they understand what we are bringing in, the storage requirements and the logistics involved in moving product and also have been very helpful in advising and planning the right quay for  delivery.

“Due to the distances involved this product is high value ‘marginal purchases’ and as such we need an efficient service to ensure maximise efficiencies to minimise costs. Working with Peel Port’s Clydeport facility certainly ensures we can continue to hit these all important targets.”

Clydeport has extensive experience in handling key commodities such as containers, forest products, agribulk, project and bulk cargo and are proud of our long-term, excellent customer relationships – our customers are at the heart of what we do! You can download our new 2019 brochure HERE.

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