Business as usual for H+H

The Challenge

H+H is the leading manufacturer of aircrete in the UK, producing the iconic Celcon Block and supplying the construction sector from sites across Europe and the UK. Produced in the UK since 1959, aircrete, originally known as cellular concrete,  is made from Pulverised Fuel Ash (PFA), a by-product of coal fired power stations.  Aircrete blocks are used to build high performance buildings guaranteed to last several lifetimes.

With three state-of-the art factories in Kent and Yorkshire, H+H undertook an extensive refurbishment of its Borough Green factory in Kent, making it the most modern and efficient aircrete factory in Europe.

This meant Borough Green had to cease production and in order to meet the constant demand for their products from the construction industry in the South East, H+H needed to call upon its European plants to top up  their supply from Pollington

Importing significant amounts of high-quality building materials to the UK and transporting them quickly and efficiently to where they were most needed, was imperative to ensure H+H was able to fulfil orders and maintain its position as market leader.

The Solution

Peel Ports was on hand to find a solution.

The Port of Sheerness is the leading port serving the construction market in London and the South East, sitting on the doorstep of London, with quick access to the M2, M20 and M25 Motorways.

H+H worked with Peel Ports to create a temporary import facility at Sheerness in order to maintain the level of service to its customers in the South East. Between May 2016 and October 2018 the facility received and stored 124,044 tonnes of blocks from H+H’s European factories and rapidly transported them to construction sites across the South East when needed.

With multiple international shipping services calling at Sheerness, port-centric solutions, and rapid access to the South East, using the port made perfect sense for H+H.

Key Facts

  • H+H is the leading manufacturer of aircrete in the UK
  • It undertook a refurbishment programme of its manufacturing facility at Borough Green
  • To ensure it could serve its customers, H+H imported products via Peel Ports London Medway
  • The close proximity of Sheerness to London and the South East meant H+H could access this critical market and maintain business as usual


“When we embarked on the refurbishment of our Borough Green facility, we needed to ensure that we retained access to the construction market in London and the South East. The Port of Sheerness has enabled us to maintain our market position and provide a service to our customers; ensuring we could continue to serve them with a business as usual approach."

Spencer Nye, Finance & IT Director, H+H

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H+H cargo at the Port of Sheerness

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H+H cargo at the Port of Sheerness

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H+H cargo at the Port of Sheerness

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H+H cargo at the Port of Sheerness

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