Global Sports Brand - More than just a provider, a partner


The Challenge

In 2012, one of the world’s largest sports brands joined forces with one of the UK’s biggest names in container shipping, Peel Ports. The leading sports brand imports a vast amount of their products from the Far East to the UK every year. They needed an efficient, reliable, environmentally-friendly way to do this. More than that, they needed to collaborate with someone who understood and appreciated their requirements fully, and offered them cost-effective solutions. They came to Peel Ports.

The Solution

With our pioneering ‘green highway’ along the Manchester Ship Canal, we were able to give them the means to transport increasing amounts of their sports equipment and apparel directly to their distribution centre in Trafford Park. It’s a tailored partnership that not only matches the company’s environmental goals, but also helps them meet their core Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy objectives.

With Peel Ports, the leading sports brand has more than just a highly effective way to transport. They have a better way to import.

  • A Value Added partnership
  • Saving 70,000 road miles a year
  • Saving them 133,000kg of carbon a year
  • Reducing their carbon footprint by 70%
  • More environmentally-friendly
  • More efficient, cost-effective
  • A smarter, more profitable way to do business

“We were delighted to find a partner who could give us added growth as well as added value. This has been a very significant development for us.”

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