Drac Logistics working with Peel Ports to ensure on-time, door-to-door delivery

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Headquartered in Staffordshire, Drac Logistics has worked with Peel Ports to ensure the on-time, door-to-door delivery of Walkers shortbread products to key markets in North America.

Taking advantage of Peel Ports’ network allows Drac to efficiently transport Walkers’ goods from Greenock on Scotland’s west coast via the container terminals at Liverpool.

Drac provides freight forwarding and logistics services worldwide and has expanded its services to meet the ever-changing demands of global logistics. As a leader in the field, Drac was the first logistics company to use the BG Freight Lines feeder vessel from Greenock to the Liverpool2 terminal, connecting with niche carrier services across the Atlantic. Since April 2017, Drac has shipped an additional 2000 teu via Liverpool. These have travelled on Atlantic Container Line (ACL) across the eastern seaboard and Independent Container Line (ICL) to ports in Delaware in north-eastern USA.

As well as shortbread, Drac is involved in the export of a wide range of seasonal and non-seasonal produce, with steady growth in goods requiring refrigeration, such as fish, cereals and confectionary. It also operates in the seed potato market – another sector where the seamless links between Scotland, Liverpool and the rest of the world are essential.

In 2016, the UK shipped £316bn ($408bn) worth of product globally. The USA is the UK’s number 1 trading partner, importing £46.8bn ($60.4bn) worth of product, which makes up 14.8% of UK’s total exports. Of that, £20.2bn was food and drink – an increase of 13% compared with 2015 – with much speculation that the US and the rest of the Americas will continue to be an increasingly important export market post-Brexit.

Alex Hayes, Director of Drac, says: “There’s so much growth potential in the specialised markets that we deal with and clear demand for UK goods in the Americas. To stimulate and secure new export business it’s vital to have an efficient and reliable logistics route. Working with Peel Ports at Greenock and Liverpool provides us with exactly that and offers our customers a range of other value-added services.”

Alex Hayes, Director at Drac Logistics Ltd.



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