Connecting Ireland’s grass-fed dairy products with the world

The Challenge

Success in export markets is crucial to the long-term growth of Irish businesses and the country’s economy. In 2017, Ireland shipped €122.139bn (£108.356b) worth of exports around the world*, with Europe and America the largest import markets.  

In the past year, the value of Irish food, drink and horticulture exports exhibited strong growth, increasing by 13 per cent to €12.6bn/£11.16bn**. The positive export performance was driven by a surge in dairy exports to over €4bn/£3.54bn (an increase of 19 per cent), now one third of all Irish food and drink exports.

With international markets hungry for the country’s top quality produce, the dairy industry is Ireland’s bread and butter.

Dublin-headquartered agri-food commercial co-operative Ornua is at the forefront of Ireland’s export market. As the country’s largest exporter of indigenous dairy products, Ornua’s brands are recognised the world over – including Kerrygold, Dubliner and Pilgrims Choice.

Available in 110 countries, annual sales reach €2bn and in 2017 export volumes topped 337,000 tonnes.

Since 2014, trade with the U.S.A has grown almost threefold in terms of both revenue and volume, meaning

Dubbed Ornua 2021, the five-year business growth plan aims to build sustainable and value-added routes to market that will generate revenues of €3 billion and deliver a sustainable EBITA margin of 3 per cent by 2021. The success of this is dependent on the provision of an efficient, reliable and forward-thinking logistical partner to ensure the swift and safe transportation of products worldwide – now and in the future.

The Solution

As the quickest and most efficient route to market, exporting via Peel Ports’ Port of Liverpool makes sense.

As Ireland’s closest deep-water port, the Ireland-Liverpool connection is a perfectly positioned gateway to the world. In the last year alone, 50,000 tonnes of Ornua products were shipped through Liverpool.

To fulfil the ambitious goals laid out in Ornua 2021, new ways to improve supply chain efficiency are required. Ornua have called upon Peel Ports’ progressive vision and commitment to providing innovative solutions to help achieve them.

A valued and critical supply chain partner for businesses around the world, Peel Ports work with companies to realise growth potential, becoming trusted advisors and supporting export strategies by providing exactly what is needed, and when.

Fran Dodd, Supply Chain Procurement Manager at Ornua, said: “Increasing international demand – especially from the North American market – has presented a huge opportunity for Ornua to benefit from existing successes and continue to bring the unique taste of grass-fed Irish dairy to the world.

“To achieve this, we must continue to get exporting right, building on our existing relationship with Peel Ports and drawing upon the support of the port’s network to efficiently transfer our products from the Republic of Ireland to the rest of the world via the container terminals at Liverpool.”


* Central Statistics Office, February 2018

**Bord Bia’s Export Performance and Prospects 2017-2018 report


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