Hunterston estate development

Hunterston Port and Resource Centre

Hunterston Port and Resource Centre is a multi-modal centre for exporting, importing, processing, and distributing all sorts of resources that support economic growth in Scotland, the UK and Europe.

The West Coast’s deep water port combines with rail and motorway connections and 800 acres of development land to make this Scotland’s natural choice for handling and processing our industrial resources.

Hunterston PARC offers infrastructure that enables efficient logistics for the resources we use, smart management and recycling of our assets, and the best use of the energy we generate through cross-sector partnerships.

Manufacturers, power generators, recyclers, importers and exporters will come together to create a model for industrial cooperation and innovation, on an 800-acre site on the West Coast of Scotland, just 40 minutes from Glasgow, Hunterston PARC is an ideal location for development.

Key contact

  • Andrew Martin

    Group Land and Property Director

    0151 949 6316



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