Sheerness Bridge naming


The launch of our Port Masterplan in 2014 and subsequent extensive consultation allowed local residents to voice their opinions of how they see our shared future developing. As a major employer in the area, we realise that as well as having a responsibility to the people of Sheppey and Sheerness to provide a secure and growing port that creates economic opportunities, we also need to listen to residents to help us shape the next stages of our journey.

The Masterplan is progressing well, and we have now reached a crucial milestone in the regeneration of the former Thamesteel site, now known by its historical name of Wellmarsh. Once completed this will be a hub of activity once again, providing local people with good job opportunities across a range of disciplines.

With the demolition of the former buildings now completed, the next stage of the Wellmarsh project is the construction of a bridge to integrate the site with our existing port estate. 



The competition to name the new bridge has now closed & the winner will be announced shortly.