Do you have oversized challenges? Do you require an innovative solution to transport out of gauge cargo?

Transporting out of gauge cargo from point A to point B can be a huge challenge with many project carriers these days moving cargoes bigger and heavier than ever. Some of the biggest challenges include safety, shipping, cost, training, and expertise, not to mention time sensitivities and the high-value cost of the cargo itself.

Immediate offers


  • Security: 24/7 security with stringent safeguarding measures in place to ensure the safe handling and storage of high value cargoes.
  • Unlimited crane lifting capabilities including a floating crane with 250t lifting capability 
  • Multimodal links between Scotland, Liverpool and the Midlands via rail and an easily accessible motorway network
  • Onward water connections into the heart of Manchester and Liverpool

Manchester Ship Canal

  • M56 Easy access from dock estates to major link roads and excellent motorway connections to the M62, M60, M6 and M56.
  • Experienced team of stevedores to assist with lifts
  • Lara 1 floating crane with 250t lifting capability crane

London Medway

  • Close proximity to London
  • Liebherr LHM280 mobile harbour crane with 84T lifting capacity
  • Global connection via short & deep-sea routes


  • Heavy lift project cargo berth
  • On site experience in handling wide range of cargo
  • 10 minutes from M6


  • City-centric gateway to Scotland
  • Ample storage space
  • On-site security

Great Yarmouth

  • Mobile Crane within Outer Harbour with a max lifting capacity of 84t
  • Heavy Lift Pad and Crane Pad for heavier cargoes
  • Experience in handling heavy loads such as Offshore wind components and decommissioned oil and gas platforms
Runcorn 88
Seaforth 100

What does your business need to consider?

There will be implications from HMRC is your business if it is found to be non-compliant, so your business must be adequately prepared. If you/ your business is taking full advantage of the delayed declarations or/and the PVA scheme, it is important to keep a track of what you have imported and remember to arrange declarations and payment within the agreed timescale. 

Most businesses don’t undertake the customs declarations themselves and instead, opt to use a customs agent.

Here, at Peel Ports Logistics we operate a successful customs clearance service and are equipped to help with all aspects of clearing your goods, regardless of transport mode, import or export.