Supporting Kent Grain

Kent is one of the most established producers of grain in the United Kingdom, it’s a crucial industry, feeding not only Great Britain but further afield through exports.

This is why, we’re undergoing a large-scale investment programme to improve our ability to support the sector at the Port of Sheerness through imports and exports. Through this, we now have additional capacity for exports.

The programme has so far seen new TASCC accredited warehouses coming online, a new elevator conveyor system capable of handling milling wheat without it ever touching the ground and new, specialised support staff who understand the needs of the industry.

We’re not stopping there though, and over the next year, we’re running a warehouse refurbishment programme and ordering a new Liebherr LHM 280 crane that will increase our productivity and open the doors for more imports coming into Sheerness.

If you’re interested in the exciting new opportunities available at Sheerness, please get in touch with us using the form below.

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