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Introducing the Port of Liverpool’s new rail container service

With Peel Ports’ investment in Liverpool2 the opportunity to reach global
markets from the heart of the UK is now greater than ever before. But, in
the face of driver shortages and ever-increasing road congestion, it can
be almost impossible to predict exactly when your cargo will reach its end
destination or the Port, and time is money.

Peel Ports’ new rail container service helps to overcome the blockage that
road haulage can present, offering a seamless route to and from the quayside.
Simple, cost-effective, environmentally responsible and resilient.

The first service will commence in May, running three times a week between the
Port of Liverpool and Glasgow, and vice versa. Additional services will be added
during the year that will offer shippers opportunities to reach additional inland
destinations served by major rail freight terminals.

• Seamless route to market from quayside to destination, and vice versa
• Overcome blockages of road congestion and driver shortages
•  Unlock the potential of global markets via the Port of Liverpool’s wide 
    range of container shipping services
•  Simple, cost-effective, environmentally responsible, and resilient

Download the new rail service timetable HERE.


Find out more about our rail service from Container Director Jouke Schapp

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A new rail freight service for containers has left the Port of Liverpool for the first time, thanks to a partnership between Peel Ports and rail freight company DB Cargo. Read more HERE.

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Former Deputy Prime Minister Lord Prescott Arrives at the Port Of Liverpool

Lord Prescott arriving at the Port Of Liverpool ahead of the new Rail Container launch.

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Guest Welcoming

The guests of the rail launch enjoying light refreshments at the Port Of Liverpool.

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Peel Ports Chief Operating Officer Delivers Welcoming Speech

Patrick Walters, Chief Operating Officer, Peel Ports, delivers a welcoming speech to the guests and clients of the new Rail Container Service launch.

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Firework Finale

As the train departed at the Port Of Liverpool, the fireworks and celebrations called for the start of something new for Peel Ports and DB Cargo.

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