Liverpool2 is a £400 million investment to create a new deep-water container terminal at the Port of Liverpool, enabling the largest vessels to call directly in the heart of the UK.

The facility will not only have the capacity to accept the largest generation of container ships but will provide one of the most modern and efficient terminals in the world, future-proofing the port for decades to come.

The new terminal features land reclaimed from the River Mersey, a new quay wall, the biggest ship-to-shore cranes of their type in the world, and the latest technology. The extra capacity and improved connectivity offered will be critical in re-establishing the Port of Liverpool as the UK’s port of choice for shipping lines and cargo owners.

A new solution

Liverpool2 will provide a sustainable alternative to the current UK shipping model; providing an alternative to using the southern ports and moving goods destined for the North on congested road and rail networks. The ongoing threat of service reliability due to congestion, rail capacity, feeder costs and driver shortages are resulting in cargo owners improving the design, reliability and efficiency of their supply chain – a simple way of eliminating or alleviating these issues is by shipping containers closer to the destination (or for exports being closer to the origin.

Key benefits

  • 58% of the UK population live closer to the Port of Liverpool than Felixstowe, London Gateway and Southampton ports. This represents a catchment of over 36 million.
  • 28% of the UK’s large warehousing within Liverpool2’s hinterland this means it has the greatest density in the UK more than Birmingham’s golden triangle
  • Heartland of consumption and manufacturing, that’s creating demand pull for direct services to Liverpool2
  • With over 650 reefer points at Liverpool2 plus 200 more within the existing container terminal, Liverpool can offer one of the most flexible responses in refrigeration operations for any port.
  • Liverpool2 is best placed for next day delivery with late order cut offs. Order by 10pm – orders picked and loaded on to truck by 2am – Delivered into regional distribution centres as far as Scotland and London by 6am the next day.
  • Liverpool2 has the best multimodal connectivity. 10 motorways within 10 miles, 10 rail linked terminals and a unique inland waterway, the Manchester Ship Canal
  • Liverpool2 will become the Irish Sea hub. Liverpool2 will connect with Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow and Manchester. Offering shipping lines the best opportunity to balance import and export flows.

Liverpool2 Key Contact's

  • Roger Megann

    Group Business Development Manager

    0151 949 6327


  • Mike Dwan

    Sales Manager Containers

    0151 949 6080



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