Hunterston PARC Decommissioning

Decommissioning facilities for oil and gas structures

Hunterston PARC is an innovative and unique new concept in onshore decommissioning with the connectivity, space and facilities to unlock the new deal for new deal for decom, as outlined in the White Paper ‘Securing a new deal for onshore decommissioning’. 

Located just 40 minutes from Glasgow on the west coast of Scotland, Hunterston PARC will become a vast multi-modal decom centre. By co-locating the supply chain and bringing together dismantling, demolition, storage, processing, recycling and re-distribution, Hunterston PARC will unlock efficiencies, enable the smart management and recycling of assets and make best use of energy generated on site. The ‘Circular Economy’ in action.

Securing the economics of dry dock working

At 230m x 150m, with 11m of water across the cill and 40m in the main channel, Hunterston PARC has one of the UK’s largest deep-water dry docks.

Securing the economics of space

Hunterston PARC has over 300 acres of development land available and extensive wet stack areas. The creation of a decom campus in this area will enable collaboration along the supply chain and unlock efficiencies.

Securing the economics of scrap

With extensive space available for set down and links to other scrap operations via Peel Ports Clydeport, Hunterston PARC can help deliver significant improvements in scrap yield.

Hunterston PARC provides easy routes to market with two rail terminals linked to the Largs/Glasgow railway line, onsite cargo handling capabilities, deep water draught and road links, offering further cost efficiencies and benefits over sites further afield.

Securing a new deal for onshore decommissioning

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