Hunterston Port and Resource Centre – Hunterston PARC – is a 400-acre site owned and operated by Peel Ports Group. It is an innovative and unique new concept for Scottish industry with energy at its heart.

Working with Scottish Enterprise and other stakeholders in 2016, Peel Ports set out a clear and ambitious purpose for Hunterston PARC. This is designed to support industrial growth in Scotland, with investment in infrastructure that enables efficient logistics, recycling of its assets and the production of new energy driving new industry.

Hunterston will soon see further decommissioning of the nuclear power station. Hunterston PARC has the potential to transform Scotland’s energy supply and resources responsibly. This is deliverable through four cornerstones building our capability, stimulate innovation, support the international agenda, drive jobs, and show how economic growth can be delivered in a sustainable manner. 


Key Contact

  • Hamish Scott

    Strategy Director


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