Welcome to Cargo200i

Welcome to Cargo200i

Our research shows that UK industry can save 200 million miles from our roads. We have launched a campaign to help UK companies take 200 million miles off our road and rail infrastructure by the end of 2020.

We will be partnering with 200 importers and exporters to support shipping lines connecting to Liverpool2; the UK’s most central deep-water container terminal being developed at the Port of Liverpool.

We are calling this our Cargo200 Initiative. So far we have secured 150 signups for our Cargo200 initiative and we continue to urge other businesses to sign up to the campaign to reduce their transport costs, carbon emissions and help us transform UK logistics.

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For more information about our Cargo200 initiative and to enquire about signing up please complete the form below and Mike will be in touch.

Mike Dwan

Mike is our Cargo200i lead. For more information on Cargo200i and to enquire about supporting Cargo200i please complete the form and Mike will be in touch.