Business on the Move

Engaging young people across the North West

Business on the Move is a collaboration between Peel Ports Group and some of the largest organisations based in the North West region.

Through utilising an interactive board game, with real companies, it teaches children about supply chains and global logistics using examples of how goods get from China to the UK via the Port of Liverpool.

The aim of the game is for teams to get cargo into the country in the most cost-effective or efficient way utilising road, rail, air and water freight.

With the recent £400m investment into Liverpool2, a new container terminal at the Port of Liverpool, the city is set to grow as an international logistics and transit hub for the UK. We believe that understanding how goods move around the world and end up in our shops and factories is a valuable asset in the modern economy, and Business on the Move is a simple and relatable way of helping to achieve this.

We want to use this game to help young people in the region understand what we do and understand the various businesses that operate within the region.

We are offering local schools the opportunity to take part in our Business on the Move project, as part of this, we will send a group of our employees to talk to pupils about our port and the relevance of it today for a 2-3 hour classroom based session for up to 30 pupils. The game is designed for children in Year 3 upwards, and is flexible enough to provide a valuable learning experience up to undergraduate level.

To register your interest, please fill out the form below, we are looking to start this project from January 2018 onwards.

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