Our North West hubs prove flexibility is key when it comes to diverse commodities

By Ben Flanagan, Head of Commercial at Peel Ports

The diverse and flexible services we aim to offer our customers are epitomised by the offering of our Mersey division, which encompasses Peel Ports Liverpool and Manchester Ship Canal.

Peel Ports Liverpool is one of the largest and most historic ports in the UK and its diversity means we can handle a huge range of commodities, including project cargo, steel and metals, forest products and bulks.

As Head of Commercial for this division, I am responsible for marrying together demand for the handling of these commodities with the solutions we offer, ensuring efficient and effective supply chains for our customers. 

Flexible solutions and services – perfect on paper

It is our ability to adapt and grow with our customer’s needs, alongside our unique assets, including port locations, specialist technologies and management expertise, which allows us to deliver world-class supply chain solutions.

An example of this is our partnership with Jenkins, a national logistics provider, specialising in paper, pulp and forest products, who have been a tenant at the Port of Liverpool for the last ten years.

We have been working closely with Jenkins over the last few months, to support them in a £17m investment into a new custom-built warehouse and forest product handling facilities at the port, as well as a group-wide managed service at both Liverpool and London Medway.

The project, which will complete in 2020, will provide over 500,000 sq.ft of warehouse space, and a 300,000 sq.ft. bespoke state-of-the-art paper and pulp facility, allowing Jenkins to increase its throughput and respond to increased customer demand in imports on forest products.

Other customers benefitting from our port centric warehousing facilities include specialist metals forwarder and storage company, Scale Distribution. The firm takes advantage of our flexible high-end services and location adjacent to our metals’ terminal, which includes deep-water berths and semi-automated technology.

This enables Scale to benefit from excellent discharge, handling and delivery performance and in 2019 it was able to handle its biggest contract to date, a 8,000MT aluminium shipment from St Petersburg.

We worked closely with Scale to ensure the most efficient vessel turn-around and reaffirm that we are a cost-effective alternative to European ports for future shipments.

Transatlantic trade

However, it is both the combination of handling capabilities and the route to market that make our Mersey division the ideal transatlantic distribution hub for customers.

The Port of Liverpool and the Manchester Ship Canal operates under a streamlined management structure to maximise efficiencies. Together they provide cost-effective routes to the heart of the supply chain, whether that’s through excellent rail connectivity, road via one of the 10 motorways within 10 miles or water via deep-sea and short sea shipping routes.

The Port of Liverpool sits on both banks of the River Mersey, within the manufacturing and consumption heartland of the UK and encompasses a catchment area of 35 million people, providing a readymade market.

While the Manchester Ship Canal provides an all-water route into the centre of Manchester with numerous specialist port hubs, enabling customers to reduce costs, carbon and congestion.

One project cargo customer that has benefitted from this all-water route to market is Quality Freight, a leading shipping company and key global freight forwarder.

In 2019, Quality Freight moved 27 turbines for the Brenig windfarm project via their site at Ellesmere Port. The inland terminal meant that road miles were minimised and in turn costs were reduced and efficiencies improved.

I will be at Breakbulk Europe 2019 discussing how our Mersey division can be the flexible and diverse hub for your end-to-end supply chain solutions.

Visit stand Q77 to find out more about the Port of Liverpool and Manchester Ship Canal. 

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