High Rollers – why we’re continuing to invest in RoRo capabilities

Peel Ports’ Port Director for RoRo, Riccardo Tonelli explains what makes Peel Ports the go to UK operator for RoRo (roll on, roll off) services in a fast-approaching post-Brexit landscape.

With new regulations on carbon emissions already impacting consumer habits, manufacturers and exporters have a lot on their minds. Despite EU regulations mandating that manufacturers ensure that fleet average CO2 emissions drop below 95g/km by 2021, 2019 saw a third consecutive annual increase, with the average new-car fleet emitting 127.9h/km. At least, by working with Peel Ports, we can remove one source of stress as you can rely on our expertise in RoRo to ensure your supply chains are operating smoothly through the UK and beyond.

At Peel Ports, we’ve got a long and successful track record of managing RoRo freight. Our expertise at the ports of Liverpool, Heysham, and London Medway gives us the ability to efficiently service Britain’s two largest sea-frontiers with the EU – Kent and across the Irish Sea, with accompanied, unaccompanied and RoPax capability.

Having assets on all frontiers offers variety and flexibility. Our network connects Liverpool and Heysham with both Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland and there is potential to connect London Medway with any number of mainland European ports. Our strategically-located terminals allow Peel Ports to offer an integrated solution to its clients for their RoRo requirements.

Supported by other assets with RoRo capability in Great Yarmouth and London Medway, we are well placed to build solutions for businesses looking for alternative supply chain options in post-Brexit Britain.

A crucial element of this is unlocking the huge potential opportunity for RoRo operators to gain access to London and the South East through London Medway, where route options are being added, in part thanks to a new £10m link-span and extra capacity for trailer storage and handling. Here, we are focused on building on an already established asset with the potential to offer alternative options.

We’re continually investing in our RoRo facilities across the port network to support customers’ growth and enable smooth, effortless trade. As a result, we can offer a complete range of RoRo freight modes to meet our customers’ needs.

On the Irish Sea, our recent work at Heysham has improved both capacity and operational flow, with excellent connectivity thanks to the new M6 link road, bringing Ireland 30 minutes closer. In Liverpool/Birkenhead, a new twin-tier linkspan is ready to accommodate new larger and more efficient RoPax vessels by enabling simultaneous loading and unloading on multiple levels of the new vessels, thereby reducing turnaround time.

Our collaborative approach works. Not only does it provide genuinely resilient supply chains, but it also means our customers can take advantage of our network of routes to make real efficiency and cost savings by reducing road miles and focus on productivity. It also helps us in delivering a key differentiator from our competitors, allowing us to work in partnership with existing and new clients across the Peel Ports’ group assets, whether they be ferry operators, hauliers or the owners of cargo.

  • Riccardo Tonelli

    Port Director RoRo

    0151 949 6982


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