Why Liverpool’s project cargo capabilities are best in class

Ben Flanagan, Sales Manager at Peel Ports, is responsible for developing a range of commodity opportunities at the Port of Liverpool, the Port of Manchester – including the Manchester Ship Canal – as well as the Port of Heysham.

Part of Ben’s responsibilities involve managing the Project Cargo initiatives across the North West, highlighting Peel Ports’ superior capabilities in transporting a whole range of diverse, out of gauge (OOG) and high and heavy cargoes.

Anything that’s big, heavy and some may say awkward cargoes that are imported and exported through our ports fall under the term Project Cargo. This covers everything from huge transformers, military equipment to large storage tanks, even whole factories dismantled and exported. However increasingly, project cargoes supporting renewable energy have increased in their volume and frequency.

Over the past few years, we have seen particular increase in cargo destined for use at both on and offshore wind farms off the west coast of the UK, the Irish Sea and beyond.

In the past two years alone, we’ve acted as trusted logistics partner to five on and offshore projects capable of producing a total of 500MW of electricity – enough to power 400,000 homes.

This increase comes down to Peel Ports’ unique wind farm offering in the UK, which combines the strengths of our port infrastructure, our land, facilities, and partnerships to offer an holistic logistics solution for berthing, storage, supply, operations and maintenance.

At the Port of Liverpool, we can offer tailor-made solutions to customers’ oversized cargo handling need We have state-of-the-art portside heavy lift facilities and extensive quayside storage capacity to accommodate large cargo, such as wind turbines.

In addition to the extensive existing facilities, we have over 250 metres of exceptional quality, in-river quayside storage adjacent to the port, allowing large jack up vessels to come and go in most sea states. This secure warehouse space and surrounding land is immediately available and can accommodate the very large, delicate and expensive turbine blades. What’s more, the warehouse can be modified or temporary facilities can be erected on the land, limiting potential downtime and cost overruns of any potential projects.

Further north at the Port of Heysham, we’ve recently completed the construction of a new pontoon to further support the movement of CTV’s, offshore support personnel as well as cargoes in servicing the offshore wind farms on the west coast.

This combination of existing expertise and the capability fulfilled by our strategically placed network of ports makes Peel Ports the ideal partner for this type of operation. Indeed, many offshore renewable firms are already enjoying the added-value services and solutions that we can offer.  

Liverpool is renowned for its multi modal connectivity – whether that’s ocean connections, road, rail, inland waterways or air. When you add this to the agglomeration of marine services available locally and throughout our ports on both the east and west coasts, our offer is a compelling one which we’d love to share with more offshore operators.

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