Welsh cheese finds big appetite in USA

Against the backdrop of beautiful valleys, lakes and mountains in North Wales is an award-winning cheese company, founded by dairy farmers and led today by the sons of dairy farmers. Snowdonia Cheese Company reveals how growing exports to North America have transformed the business in recent years.

We got off to a great start in 2001 when we launched the now-iconic Black Bomber cheese. Our humble best seller very quickly found itself on the global stage, and we needed to scale up production and improve our supply chain to meet this growing demand.

Currently export accounts for a significant proportion of our turnover, and we’ve worked hard to achieve balance across many international territories with a particularly strong following in North America.

Over the last couple of years we have grown our North American business – aligning with the US market and its consumers’ evolving tastes.

Strong demand from the USA for authentic European produce made exporting extremely attractive from the beginning. More specifically, the market for high quality, speciality cheese –continues to grow as more US citizens travel abroad and are introduced to unique European cheeses.

Today, our product line has expanded to ten cheeses and is available in a large number of countries across the world.

As Snowdonia Cheese continues international expansion, our reliance on strong trading links and reliable, efficient routes is increasing. That’s why we value the work between Peel Ports and the Welsh Government to leverage excellent road, rail and sea transport connections. This will no doubt further encourage other Welsh food and drink producers to successfully transport their products around the world.

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