Congestion in the south brings opportunity to Port of Liverpool

Following the growing backlog of imported goods into the country caused by IT implementation problems at the UK’s largest shipping terminal in Felixstowe, incoming vessels can currently be waiting at anchor offshore for up to 14 days.

Nearby ports in Southampton and London Gateway are experiencing the knock-on effect caused by the congestion at Felixstowe, and are beginning to experience delays as a result of large volumes of diverted cargo arriving. 

There is a solution – Peel Ports’ £400m deep-water container terminal at the Port of Liverpool, Liverpool2, which is currently sitting at 70% yard capacity to support incoming containers and with no queuing time for incoming vessels.

It makes sense – approximately 60% of containers which enter UK ports are destined for the West Midlands or further north, making Liverpool a more efficient port of entry. It would also remove an estimated one million trucks from the road each year, and more than 1600 freight trains from the rail network, reducing related diesel emissions.

A number of prominent businesses have added their support to Liverpool2 as an arrival point for international imports, including Einhell UK.

A leading German manufacturer of power tools and garden equipment, Einhell UK is one firm that recently transferred all containers from congested ports in the south of England to the Port of Liverpool, and uses one of the several port-centric logistics solutions around the city as a platform for its hinterland supply chain.

Einhell UK managing director Tom Chambers commented: “Holding our stock inside a third-party logistics warehouse inside the Port has significantly reduced our shunting costs to only 12% of the previous cost of shunting containers from Southampton.

“The flow of stock from quayside to warehouse is also much more efficient and we can now have stock available for picking the day after it arrives in the port compared to the previous best case of four days receiving stock in from the usually heavily congested ports in the south.

“This in turn means that we have shorter lead times servicing customers such as Amazon, Argos, Toolstation, Machinemart and Homebase. For greater efficiency both in terms of both cost saving and supply chain it makes perfect sense to make full use the facilities now available in the Port of Liverpool.”

Julia Bradley, Sales and Marketing Director for Peel Ports said: “As we approach the Christmas rush and Black Friday on 23 November, Peel Ports is ready to welcome cargo destined for the UK as well as shipments bound for international destinations from the UK, and we have ample capacity to do so."

Blog by Einhell UK Managing Director, Tom Chambers

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