Scotland’s gateway to the world

Gillian Johnson, Sales Manager at Clydeport explains how Peel Ports’ Scottish presence is helping businesses north of the border to find more efficient routes to import and export markets.

Scotland is rightly famous for its food and drink industry, with the sector being the country’s biggest source of export revenue. Across the globe, consumers and suppliers are buying into the quality and integrity of Scottish produce.

Of course, Scotland is also famous for its textiles and has a strong record in some other manufacturing sectors, such as life sciences.

Whatever the product, at Clydeport we’re set on finding the most efficient routes to market for our customers.

On top of our first-class facilities and services, key to our success has been our integrated transport options that make tapping into new markets a far simpler process for our customers.

Clydeport, with its terminals in Glasgow city centre and at Greenock, is the west-coast gateway for goods coming in and out of Scotland.

Aside from its prime location and short-sea connectivity with the Port of Liverpool, it’s the wide range of solutions that we can offer to importers and exporters that makes Clydeport such a flexible base for cargo owners and their customers.

Recently we have seen a big rise in our food and drink imports and exports through Greenock and in order to keep this momentum going, we’re already working closely with a range of global carriers and freight forwarders. We’re also looking to lines providing feeder services to increase their calls at Greenock to meet current demand and provide the capacity for future growth.

Greenock has unbelievable potential and continues to offer wide scope of transshipment routes to leading markets such as North America, Asia and the Middle East. Closer to home, it’s also part of Peel Ports’ Irish Sea Hub services, connecting businesses across the western half of the British Isles.

With a growing appetite for Scottish exports, we’re confident that Clydeport can continue playing a key role in opening Scotland’s door to the world. So whether you’re a small company looking to, well, push the boat out, or a large multinational blue chip business wanting to expand further, here at Peel Ports Clydeport we believe in working together and building lasting, long-term relationships.

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