Onwards and upwards – why I haven’t looked back since joining Peel

Blog by Wendy Dibble, Customer Services Manager.

Peel Ports was a company I was aware of in my previous job at steel trader, Stemcor. I used to work closely with staff at the port and always had a very positive impression of them. The company also had a really good reputation for progression and investing in staff.

While I very much valued my role at Stemcor, and the experience I gained there, when I was looking for a new opportunity, I turned to Peel Ports and I haven’t looked back since.

Initially joining as a customer services advisor, I’ve since been promoted to a managerial position which sees me looking after a team of nine. Since day one I’ve had the support of my line managers and been consistently trained and exposed to new opportunities for professional development. This allowed me to make the step up to a leadership position, which has really helped to grown my confidence.

Looking ahead in the short-term, I’m really keen to remain overseeing the customer service department, which is where we manage a whole host of different requests and queries. A huge motivator for me each day is exceeding customer expectations and going that extra mile to help them achieve their objectives. Specifically I’m looking forward to building my experience working within the Liverpool Steel & Metals Terminal as this is an area I’m obviously very passionate about given my previous role.

Long-term, I’m setting my sights on becoming a deputy terminal manager or business unit manager, which would mark a real milestone for me. A major highlight of my time at Peel Ports has been seeing the multi-million pound investment at the Liverpool Steel and Metals Terminal, which now has the latest in coil automation technology, so I’m ambitious to be at the heart of similar developments in future.

Sometimes I need to remind myself of how far I’ve come in terms of my confidence and skills. The people I work with have really helped me. They’re supportive, fun and inspiring. The best piece of advice I’ve received since joining has been not to take things personally in the working environment - so focus on controlling the things you can.

Because we work across such busy industries, each and every day is different. That might sound a bit cliché, but it’s certainly true and makes my role challenging, but ultimately exciting.

When I’m not working, I’m usually found planning for my wedding in September. While there’s a lot to organise ahead of the big day, I find it oddly relaxing and therapeutic!

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