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Since the Liverpool2 container terminal opened up the Irish Sea Hub to the world, logistics solutions, companies like Vanguard have seen the demand for port centric warehousing solutions rocket. Vanguard handle a large amount of imports and exports using Peel Port’s Greenock Ocean Terminal, making it a significant part of its Scottish operation. Here, James Hardy, UK Import Manager at Vanguard explains what’s next on the horizon…

Not all cargo fits neatly into a container, and at Vanguard we embrace the logistics challenge of finding solutions that work to get things moving for our customers. Finding solutions for cargo owners looking to ship their Less Container Load (LCL) cargo in the quickest and most efficient ways possible is our primary focus. As a result, we have become a one-stop shop for many partners, forwarders and direct cargo owners looking for speed, frequency and control.

The opening of Peel Port’s container terminal Liverpool2 in 2016 has transformed the playing field for us, especially our operation in Scotland. With deep-sea connections being brought much closer to Scotland we can offer our customers access to the Irish Sea Hub and Peel Ports infrastructure. Mega ocean container ships can now call directly into Liverpool, which acts as a feeder hub to Greenock, Ireland and Manchester, allowing closer import and export routes to market.

Peel Ports are able to offer world-class facilities and an excellent location, allowing us to serve a variety of different businesses, connecting Scotland with the world. Peel Ports support regular calls within the Irish Sea Hub with carriers such as BG Freight & X-Press feeders, truly connecting Greenock with the rest of the world.

Since 2017 we have been successfully handling weekly volumes which are imported from the East coast of the United States. We are able to de-van, store and customs clear under separate UCN’s. Once Goods are cleared at Greenock we are able to distribute throughout Scotland. We also have plans to export to Asia using Greenock following the success and growth of Vanguard in Asia, particularly in Vietnam. Peelports also support bi-weekly services ex Greenock to Liverpool, Southampton, Sinnes and Le Havre offering trans-shipment solutions across the globe.

By shipping through Scotland, we are developing a more commercially-viable and sustainable way to move goods around by sea. The added bonus is that the associated efficiency and cost benefits are passed on to our customers.

It’s through our unparalleled schedule integrity and industry-leading information that we are able to help our customers ship their goods around the world and steadily expand our operation. However, working closely in partnership with Peel Ports we can confidently and consistently rely on the infrastructure and framework to allow us to expand as a business and continue delivering for our customers.

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