Easy Teasy leaves export plans to Peel Ports

Today we’re hosting an event for food and drink businesses looking to find out how to maximise their export potential. Hosted in partnership with the Department for International Trade and the Welsh Government, the event will be attended by some companies that are already making waves overseas. But shipping products around the world can be costly if there isn’t an export plan in place, as Tom Webb, co-founder of Newcastle-based flavoured tea retailer Easy Teasy, understands.

For many, the humble cup of tea is the UK’s treasured household staple that has seen us through good times and bad. For us, it’s an exciting business opportunity. The rising popularity of artisan loose leaf teas has seen producers like ourselves evolve and diversify our products to meet modern demand, and the appeal of British produced tea is growing in popularity especially across Europe where we’ve already had some export success.

We’ve come a long way since we started Easy Teasy, growing from a small North-east business that started as a part-time project while I and my co-founder Luci we were at Northumbria University in 2014. We haven’t looked back since and are now a company with global ambitions.

Things have changed massively since the very early days. We’ve increased our initial range of six teas to 18 retail teas and over 150 varieties for wholesale including traditional blends such as black tea and peppermint, to more bold combinations such as Crème Caramel and Lavender and Fruit Rooibos

Now we stock teas sourced from around the world, and we’ve always struck to our guns in finding the best tea we can for our customers. We taste, source and pack every tea ourselves and it’s our hope to one day turn our company into an international brand.

In 2017 we doubled both our number of staff and our turnover, signaling a real shift in trajectory for our business. We also forecast that our turnover will double again this year, in part thanks to us dipping our toe into exports. The next step for our business is to reach international markets where our loose leaf teas are growing in popularity.

We’ve enjoyed some success exporting our products to mainland Europe. What we’ve learned from that so far is that selling and shipping internationally requires a very different approach from operating only at home.

Our next big step is to expand in Australia or North America, where we are already in discussions with a number of local retailers. That’s one reason why we’re working with Peel Ports to help us develop a distribution strategy that will help us increase our international revenue while remaining competitive in a global marketplace.

The combination of our products and their expertise is the ideal ‘blend’ for helping us to take Easy Teasy brews across the world.

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