Big business for butter exports

On 27th March, we’re hosting an event for food and drink businesses looking to know how to maximise their export potential. Hosted in partnership with the Department for International Trade and the Welsh Government International Trade, the event will be attended by some companies that are already making waves overseas. One of those is Ornua - the company behind well-known supermarket brands including Kerrygold Butter. Fran Dodd, Supply Chain Procurement Manager at Ornua, tells us more about the Irish firm’s ambitious growth strategy.

The Ornua story

Dairying is written into Ireland’s history. Practised and perfected over hundreds of years and passed down through generations, Ornua connects the unique taste of grass-fed Irish dairy to the world.

As a Dublin-headquartered agri-food commercial co-operative, we sell products on behalf of Ireland’s dairy processors and, in turn, the Irish dairy farmer. The brands we represent are household names – Kerrygold, Dubliner and Pilgrims Choice to name a few.

We’ve grown to become Ireland’s largest exporter of primary dairy products, exporting to 110 countries worldwide and generating annual sales of €2bn. In 2017, total export volumes for Ornua reached 337,000 tonnes.

Cream of the crop

There’s no doubt that butter is big business. Irish butter was first exported to the US in the 1700s – marking the beginning of a nation’s love affair. Today, Kerrygold is not only the country’s number one imported butter brand, but the third biggest butter brand overall. In fact, since 2014, we’ve seen sales and volume treble in the US alone.

It doesn’t end there. Kerrygold tops the list of imported butters in Germany and South Africa and is the number three block butter brand in the UK. Global retail tops €900m annually.

In the next five years we have ambitions to grow Kerrygold to become Ireland’s first €1 billion food brand. But to make this a success we need to continue getting exporting right. As such a crucial part of our operation, this requires the right partners for success.

Ornua 2021

Our ambitious five-year growth plan, Ornua 2021, aims to build sustainable and value-added routes to market for Irish dairy products that will generate revenues of €3 billion and deliver a sustainable EBITA margin of 3 per cent by 2021.

To fulfil our strategy and maintain our position as a market leader in the provision of top class, high quality, sustainable dairy produce and exports, it’s critical we use a trusted, safe and, efficient logistics partner.

Liverpool and beyond

For us, the Ireland-Liverpool connection serviced through Peel Ports’ Port of Liverpool is our ideally located gateway to the world. As our closest deep-water port, we’ve shipped over 2,750 trailers

And as we increase exportation, we need to look for ways to improve our supply chain efficiency of moving goods around the world. For this, the Port of Liverpool is the perfect partner.

We’re looking forward to telling our story and hearing from others at the event, sharing experiences and insights that could help us all maximise our export potential.

Blog by Ornua. For more information on Ornua please click HERE.


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