Why life is easier when we work together

Why life is easier when we work together

In the years leading up to the opening of Liverpool2 thousands of individuals contributed to its creation.

From the engineers and designers who envisaged the site, to the builders, foremen and drivers who physically constructed the terminal, collaborations were the key to success. Thanks to their efforts, Liverpool2 has put the city and the North West back on the global shipping map.

In the same way, collaborative working across the north west’s supply chains to make them faster, more efficient and more intelligent, can also unlock value for cargo owners, shipping lines, freight forwarders and end consumers.

Liverpool2 is really going to revolutionise the UK’s logistics sector and provide viable new alternatives for cargo owners in the North of the country. They will now be able to take their cargo closer to consumers without having to ship commodities via long overland journeys. This removes costs, carbon and congestion from the supply chain.

Many of our customers have already bought into the wider benefits of Liverpool2, with its varied connections to Ireland and Scotland. That’s why we now have more than 150 supporters for our Cargo200 initiative, which underlines the arguments around introducing direct, deep-sea calls via the city.

In fact, our whole offering of ports, facilities and services - including our own BG Freight Line and the Manchester Ship Canal - offer a game-changing set of options for decision-makers. Together they constitute an unrivalled supply chain network serving the north and west of the British Isles.

One outstanding example of how we are ‘more than ports’ is the partnership between Peel Ports, Culina Group and General Mills at Port Salford, a unique development providing the benefits of port-centric distribution but located in the heart of the UK, just to the west of Manchester. The site, which opened last year, offers water connectivity provided by the Manchester Ship Canal via Liverpool, rail transport via the Chat Moss line avoiding Manchester Piccadilly, and close proximity to three major motorways.

The commitment from Culina Group and General Mills to Port Salford and their presence as market leaders will act as a catalyst to attract more logistics providers and their clients to the area. Port Salford offers significant advantages to companies exporting to the UK, especially those with goods arriving at the Port of Liverpool. An integrated supply chain, close to their end destinations, will help them ship their cargo quicker and more directly to customers in the UK’s commercial heartland of the UK

As we move forward in 2017, our focus remains on unlocking this type of value right across the supply chain, and we are constantly looking at new investments, development and strategies to further assist businesses become more efficient in working with increasingly agile supply chains across the UK and Ireland.

Blog by Sales Manager, Mike Dwan.

To contact Mike directly click here or contact him on: 0748 301 6746

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