Why I chose an Apprenticeship over University

Emma joined the Peel Ports’ group marketing team a year ago. Here she explains why she choose to take up an apprenticeship rather the follow the more academic options open to her…

After gaining my GSCEs I always wanted to complete an apprenticeship as I knew university wasn’t for me. I love learning while working rather than being sat in a classroom. Before I joined Peel Ports, I was working on a business administration apprenticeship for a facility management company but I didn’t feel there were many progression paths within the role. So when I saw the opportunity for Digital Marketing Apprentice in Peel Ports, I had to apply.

My role involves researching, creating and publishing content on our various social media platforms. I’ve always been interested in the digital world. Like many people of my generation we’re online a lot. It’s a world that’s constantly changing and there’s so much to learn, which means there’s always something new every day.

Since starting Peel Ports I have completed two courses and also achieved qualifications in using video software. This has helped me with filming and editing which I carry out regularly as part of my job producing vox pop interviews, time-lapse footage and port brochure videos.

Another aspect of the job that I love is the amount of networking events and conferences I get the opportunity to attend. Since starting a year ago I have been at several events in the Liverpool city region including working at the Liverpool2 opening event. I’ve also been to Glasgow and London on several occasions and attended this year’s Multimodal logistics trade show.

I am studying my Level 4 Digital Marketing course at 3AAA college in Manchester and I hope to complete that next year. My course consists of practical and written tasks and on average I go to college twice a month to complete compulsory lessons in the class. My goal is to complete my qualifications all the way up to post graduate diploma. I would also like to expand on my video filming and editing skills.

Overall, I’ve had an amazing time so far and enjoyed every minute of my time with the company. Sometimes people can dismiss apprenticeships but I can’t say how much more rewarding it’s been for me. I’ve learnt the art of being responsible for social media platforms and had exposure to high profile events and people which I would never have experienced otherwise. I am really looking forward to continuing to learn and make a contribution to the business.

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