The foundations for growth are firmly in place in Liverpool

The foundations for growth are firmly in place in Liverpool

By Rachel Hinton, Head of Sales - Mersey Cluster

The Port of Liverpool’s profile has never been higher as last month we welcomed the first post-Panamax vessel into our £400m Liverpool2 terminal. These are exciting times for the deep-water container terminal which launched just a few months ago. Liverpool2 will underpin our strategies for growth in containers, with volumes expected to double over the next decade.

Although much of the focus around our Mersey cluster of ports is on Liverpool2, containers are only one of the diverse cargoes that we handle. We have ambitious plans for the future and it is an exciting time for the business across all of our commodities, not just containers.

Key to our growth will be maintaining our position as industry leader in other sectors. These include bulk commodities, volumes of which are steadily growing in Liverpool thanks to a series of recent investments including our animal grain handling facility and the end-to-end biomass storage and distribution facility for Drax, which opened in 2015. We are expecting double digit growth in the tonnage of dry bulks moving through Liverpool over the coming year.

Liverpool is also the focal point for our company-wide Project Cargo initiative, which we have launched to offer tailor-made solutions to customers’ oversized cargo handling needs. We have state-of-the-art portside heavy lift facilities and extensive quayside storage capacity to accommodate anything from power station transformers to large silos and even wind turbines.

Project Cargo is the perfect example of how we are using our assets to adapt to the rapidly changing needs of our customers and of the logistics sector itself.

The foundations for further growth at Liverpool are firmly in place and our main challenge now lies in letting everyone know about the benefits of our offering, and so encouraging new customers to use the facilities that we have here.

Over the next 12 months our sales team will be busy representing the Port of Liverpool at trade shows such as Multimodal and Breakbulk, as well as taking opportunities to talk about the Port of Liverpool and Project Cargo with local, national and international businesses.

Our investments mean that we have set the bar high for growth at Liverpool, and by working with customers to determine where and how we can add value and efficiency to their supply chains, we believe that our goals are most certainly within reach.

To find out more about our tailor-made supply chain solutions in our Mersey cluster you can contact Rachel HERE.

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