Ports have a crucial role to play in success of renewable energy

Ports have a crucial role to play in success of renewable energy

Blog by Head of Sales at Peel Ports Great Yarmouth, John Kornjaca

This week I’ve been attending the world’s largest offshore wind energy event in London. Although ports are clearly an essential link in the industry’s supply chain, it’s probably a sector that we’ve not been strongly associated with previously. However, that changed significantly with our acquisition last year of the port of Great Yarmouth.

In terms of location, it’s ideally placed for many of Europe’s largest wind farms off the east Anglian coast, which is a major consideration for developers. Also, as a base for offshore operations, it’s the leading facility in England and second only to Aberdeen in the UK. As an established centre of excellence in this market, Great Yarmouth also plays host to most types of offshore support vessels, construction rigs and specialist vessels.

One of the topics at this year’s event is about how ports can continue to meet the needs of this growing industry, especially through collaboration. In an evolving market, the challenges and opportunities are changing continuously too. Ports have to work with their customers if they are to understand and serve them better and keep pace with the innovations and constraints that are impacting on developers.

To ensure that we’re able to adapt in line with the industry, we’ve prioritised taking a flexible approach to ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Aside from this, it’s obviously important that we have the right infrastructure in place. It’s fortunate that access to and from the outer harbour at Great Yarmouth is very simple, providing reliability and predictability benefits. The port also benefits from huge areas of suitable storage land, a large heavy lift pad, a purpose-built heavy component ro-ro ramp and a proven jack-up capability.

The other major element for supporting and collaborating with the offshore wind sector is the wider supply chain community around the port. As a business, it’s a huge asset for us to be able to work well with local authorities in the area, as their economic development support helps to ensure that energy companies have access to the services and facilities they need onshore to make their business succeed.

Our aim is to build on the recent success at Great Yarmouth and ensure that we’re evolving our offering to both meet demand from the market. We want to ensure the UK is at the very forefront in developing renewable offshore wind capabilities and plays a key role in the global supply chain of this sustainable energy source.

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