Why we’re backing a switch to the Port of Liverpool

Why we’re backing a switch to the Port of Liverpool

Delivering a cost effective and transformational freight forwarding service for all our customers is integral to Candour Logistics.

Our services are comprehensive and we rely on a network of strong relationships with global logistics firms to enable us to offer a premium service at a competitive price. Our customers trust we will deliver the best possible solution to them at the best possible price.

Currently, around 70% of cargo we handle arrives via Southern Ports and 95% of this is destined for end points located north of Stoke.

The distance in road miles between Southampton and Stoke is 183 miles and transporting cargo this far can be fairly costly.

We’ve been working with Peel Ports to determine how we can use the Port of Liverpool - which is closer to many of our customer’s end destinations - as a strategic cargo entry point to add value to our customer supply chains.

By backing its Cargo200 initiative which aims to remove 200 million miles of freight traffic from our roads by the end of 2020, we will give our customers the option to transport cargo through the Port of Liverpool.

The distance between Liverpool and Stoke is almost half of what it is from Southampton at just 91 miles.

If our customers with goods destined for the north were to use Liverpool as a UK entry point they could save an average of up to £150 per 40 TEU container and cut up to 260 road miles per journey.

Reduced road miles mean improved on time performance, costs savings on fuel and a decreased reliance on often congested and unreliable road and rail networks.

By using Liverpool, customers can take advantage of our relationship with Peel Ports and utilise port side warehousing and storage, allowing for flexible loading and unloading, as well as drop and swap initiatives which deliver additional cost savings.

Rather encouragingly some of our customers are already starting to make the switch to Liverpool, with many using both Liverpool and Southern ports to transport cargo.

Candour Logistics will continue to be an advocate for Cargo200 and the Port of Liverpool. We hope to see more logistics companies, shipping lines and freight forwarders using Liverpool rather than landing containers in the south of England and then transferring them by road or rail. For more information on Candour Logistics click here. For more information on our Cargo200 initiative or to enquire about how to join click here. 

Blog post by John Keary, Managing Director Candour Logistics.

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