Tailored solutions to suit liquid bulk shippers

Tailored solutions to suit liquid bulk shippers

Liquid bulk cargoes are a mainstay of our daily lives and our economy. From fuels and cleaning agents, to fruit juices and cooking oils, it’s nearly impossible to imagine an existence without these vital supplies.

At Peel Ports we understand how important liquid bulk shipments are to the producers, manufacturers and retailers who rely on them. We have decades of experience providing tailor-made solutions for the needs of our clients, helping them to ship their goods safely, reliably and efficiently.

We currently provide specialised liquid bulk capabilities at London Medway, Liverpool, Manchester Ship Canal and Clydeport where we expertly handle nearly 30 million tonnes every year.

Location is obviously critical. London Medway is in a prime spot for accessing manufacturing facilities in London and the South East. Liverpool and the Manchester Ship Canal offer access to major production centres in the North West and the Midlands. At Clydeport we offer direct access to and from Scottish markets.

While each of our ports is distinctively different from the next and our teams can respond to client needs with bespoke solutions, our offering is consistently based on having the space, knowledge and infrastructure that will exceed expectations.

This is strengthened by our people understanding the commercial drivers associated with choosing the right port and it’s their main goal to ensure that the package of benefits is right for the cargo and its shipper.

With our partnership approach, our clients can be assured that their cargo is in safe hands. Naturally, we pay meticulous attention to the secure loading and storage of materials at existing facilities, but we can support this with the design and build of new sites to meet customers’ exacting demands.

I’m delighted to say that our approach has provided us the privilege of doing repeat business with many global brands, helping them to reach their customers in the most efficient way possible.

At Peel Ports we’re open for business for liquid bulks and our industry expertise along with our collaborative approach will allow us to deliver for your future needs.

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