Solid capabilities underpin future of liquid bulk shipping

Solid capabilities underpin future of liquid bulk shipping

Liverpool continues to strengthen its reputation as one of the UK’s main trade gateways. Whilst much has been rightly written and focussed on our container handling capacity and the significant investment in the new Liverpool2 terminal, we also handle significant volumes of bulk liquids, working closely with the extensive tank storage operators based across the port estate, as well as bulk liquid end users.

In fact, across Liverpool and our other liquid bulk traffic at Sheerness, Glasgow and the Manchester Ship Canal, nearly 27 million tonnes passed through our facilities in 2015 alone.

Liverpool, which is the hub of our network, currently has more than 500 bulk liquid vessels calling each year. Ranging in size from 1,000 tonnes to 100,000 tonnes, they contain everything from fuels to oils and additives to acids.

Much of this is driven by the North-west chemical sector and Liverpool’s proximity to major road, rail and water links allowing cargo owners to connect reliably and efficiently with manufacturers and processors in the area.

The North West Chemical Industry has an estimated value of more than £10bn – a third of the UK’s liquid bulk export market, Liverpool is clearly the perfect option for many for the import and export of bulk liquids.

For our part, we have had the ambition and capability to invest in projects that strengthen the local logistics infrastructure. We have always prided ourselves on being ‘more than ports’, and that is matched by an investment programme of more than £750m across a range of facilities. That is increasingly allowing us to offer client solutions that positively disrupt the traditional supply chain.

Finally, the Northern Powerhouse initiative has gained momentum in the last few years with the new Prime Minister reaffirming the government’s support for it, including investment in transport infrastructure, as part of a national industrial strategy.

So, we have the scale, facilities and expertise in bulk liquids. We’re an ocean gateway located close to the North-west liquid bulk market including the colossal chemical sector, and the future of the local economy is bolstered by the Northern Powerhouse.

We all know the future can be fluid, which is why world-class brands such as Essar, Shell, Ineos, BP, World Fuels Services and New Britain Oils partner with us for their supply chain needs. Not to mention the range of excellent tank storage operators across the port.

It’s an exciting time for the Port of Liverpool and the North-west liquid bulk market, and we look forward to working with many more companies in the region.

Ben Flanagan, Sales Manager 

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