Port of Liverpool – connecting global markets to the heart of the UK

Port of Liverpool – connecting global markets to the heart of the UK

Did you know that 90% of deep sea containers enter the UK via southern ports, and that 60% of those containers are destined for locations which are closer to the Port of Liverpool?

Hundreds of road miles are being wasted transporting cargo up and down the UK every day, putting pressure on our road networks, increasing carbon emissions and adding unnecessary costs to supply chains.

Our research shows that the UK logistics industry can save 200 million road miles, by using the Port of Liverpool as an entry point.

Armed with this knowledge we launched our Cargo200 campaign in 2015, directly addressing the UK logistics model and providing a solution to remove 200 million miles of freight traffic from our roads by the end of 2020. 

So far we have signed up 150 key businesses to the initiative who have pledged to switch more freight to the Port of Liverpool.

The Port of Liverpool is strategically important as the most centrally located port in the UK. It is 92 miles away from Scotland’s main cargo destinations and only 37 miles away from Manchester.

It is a simple fact that shipping cargo closer to its end destination saves cost and carbon.

Efficiency and sustainability lie at the heart of the Cargo200 initiative. We are already gaining a lot of support and momentum for this new development from UK-wide companies who are looking for an alternative to the heavily congested Southern Ports.

Peel Ports works with its customers on a daily basis who are constantly reviewing their UK supply chains to look at reducing both door-to-door costs and in most cases, their carbon footprint.

We work with them to offer direct connectivity between their global markets and the Port of Liverpool, taking them closer to their end destinations and utilising our extensive network of ports, inland waterways and rail connections.

The next steps for Cargo200 will be to work with our current and new customers to share data and carry out further modelling to reinforce the arguments for shipping via Liverpool.

Industry recognition and support for Cargo200 is invaluable to our long term objectives of reducing costs, carbon emissions and congestion resulting from inland transportation.

With combined support from Shipping Lines, Freight Forwarders and Cargo Owners, together we can truly transform the future of UK Logistics.

Blog by Mike Dwan, Sales Manager, Peel Ports

If you want to find out more about our Cargo200 initiative please click here.

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