New terminal will support demand for steel

New terminal will support demand for steel

Gary Smith, Group Business Development Director outlines the case for Peel Ports’ first fully automated steel terminal

The metals industry plays a significant role in the UK’s manufacturing, construction and automotive sectors. Delivering metals to the heart of the country’s manufacturing bases in the North West and West Midlands, with a combination of speed, efficiency and product care, lies at the heart of our business ethos.

Across the business we are committed to responding to escalating customer demand for shipping via Liverpool along with increased capacity and improved handling facilities. This extends to our metals business and in 2015 we began the first phase in our investment in a state of the art, high volume, high density steel facility that focused on cost and time efficiencies, as well as continued excellence in product care.

In June Peel Ports officially opened the automated steel terminal at the Port of Liverpool, following a £9m upgrade. Located at the North 3 Canada dock, the terminal features an automated warehouse and interactive customer web portal, providing customers with round-the-clock instant access to their inventory.  It also includes a coil turner & weigh bridge and IT providing instant customer reporting, enabling our customers to track their material in real-time from ship to door.

Aspects of the terminal such as real time stock availability, precision coil selection and a vehicle booking system now give our customers best value for money by minimising paperwork, handling and haulier turn-around time.  The facility has led to notable improvements in speed and efficiency - with turnaround times reduced from an average of one hour to 22 minutes.

We are also continuing to nurture affinities with industry players who complement our steel expertise. By joining forces with logistics company Denholm Handling, who bring their warehousing, distribution and handling expertise to the Port of Liverpool under a shared and integrated customer service platform, we  are able to offer our customers a joined up, unified approach, reconfiguring our businesses and providing further economies of scale.

The Port of Liverpool is the closest deep sea port to the West Midlands, where approximately half of the UK’s steel is consumed and this new terminal will enable Peel Ports to continue to respond to the inevitable rise in steel imports and customers demands for space, efficiency & care of product.

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